Storytelling Photography Workshop


Good to back with two-day “Storytelling Photography Workshop” by none other than talented Vinod Babu (old mate at That’slife Street Photography Collective) after a long break from 11th and 12th August 2018 in Hyderabad, India.

We often get stuck after shooting “single images”, now what next?
The workshop is aimed to enlighten you with idea’s, resources, one on one mentoring and theme based shooting. Be prepared for long walks and late night photography discussions in the comfort of our home!
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Or call us at 91-81067-99209

One-on –One Street Photography Workshop with Rakesh Nagavarapu

Rakesh is an Engineer and currently manages projects for an IT firm in Bangalore. An avid traveller, who enjoys visiting new places and people.
Photography used to complement his love for travel.Though completely new to street photography and lately few conversations with fellow photographers exposed him to story telling through photographs and the art of seeing. On a friends recommendation, he reached out to me on Facebook and since then no looking back…

Rakesh’s feedback regarding the workshop

After spending two days with Swarat in Hyderabad, I feel, photography is way beyond Aperture, Shutter speed, ISO etc., He exposed me to new world, where one can see beauty in mundane. Two days in Hyderabad is a great learning experience with Swarat. In fact, having roots from Hyderabad, I can see Hyderabad in a completely new spirit now.

Swarat is a fantastic mentor and highly recommend to anyone who are keen in learning story telling.






ALL THE ABOVE IMAGES © Rakesh Nagavarapu

And here are some images of Rakesh in action






One-on –One Street Photography Workshop with Zahir Abbas

Zahir is business consultant by profession and have worked in many consultancy firms. Originally from Burdwan but presently settled in Gurgaon, where he is working now for a knowledge firm. Thanks to his father’s defense background he had travelled lots of places. Photography has been his secret love for ages and the only reason for him to shoot is because it gives him pleasure. Though he is new to street photography  and only trying his hand for last 6-8 months. The reason he join my workshop is simple. He felt my thoughts and my photographs overlaps to a large extent with his. And he  have already seen my work and heard a lot of good things about me.

Zahir’s feedback regarding the workshop from his own word of mouth

I learnt a basket full of things. The workshop was intensive, personal and caring.  He taught me that first and foremost we have to genuinely love people, we cannot take good images if we have pre-conceived notions, biases or judgments. I learnt that we have to treat situations with respect and ensure we leave behind a feeling of respect and love for the subjects who gave us those beautiful shots. There were immense technical learning’s as well, almost of them in a nice hands-on manner. I learnt that the key to success here is to anticipate, wait, get involve, frame the image in your mind and then execute. All this while remaining honest and transparent with our surroundings. He is a highly recommended mentor, teacher and critic. He will softly push you to do things which looks impossible at the beginning. Overall it was one of best learning experience I had in ages.”











And here are some images of Zahir in action






Maiden One-on-One Street Photography Workshop in Hyderabad

My first One-on-One Street Photography Workshop in Hyderabad just concluded and it was intense 2 days packed with full of fun and street photography.

Recently taken a break from successful career as an IT professional Harsha  Areti is a passionate photographer. Though it’s his first real time encounter with some serious street photography, seeing his dedication, eagerness to learn added to his uncanny ability to produce images in the quick time is something that is not easily done by the first timers and his growth was brilliant over the last couple of days. With bit more practice and experience, I’m sure he will produce some good serious work in future as well.

I am sure at the end of the workshop he understand one thing how its important to go “close” to the subject and still be invisible.











And here are some images of Harsha in action 🙂







“Runner-Up” for the day!! not bad at all

Today’s Result was really not expected. It’s was a completely shocker when the winners are announced .I was runner-up for the contest where as my colleague and best pal become deserving champ..i feel like we went to the golden era of tennis when both co-mates Andre Agassi and Pete Sampras used to fought in the finals of almost dozen of championship. I felt same here don’t know about Shah(my friend) though..there are many others great competitors for this Ascendas Click Photography competition including some of my very close HWS photography club mates namely Eswaren and our fav hdr guru Swasti. Also want to thank god for giving this opportunity n also my family and above all my company “Pramati” for all the support and  encouragement in this success.

Attached are final 15 pics I have submitted for the final round in the competition “Life at park”. Let me know your feedback please!!

Interview Que to enter AscendasInterview Que to enter AscendasAction at the parkaction at campusPark in the glassPark in the glass

Landscape from top of Aurigalandscape from top of AurigaIt’s Lunch Time!!It's Lunch TimeLoner in the parkLoner in the parkWatering GreenWatering GreenFitness FreaksFitness FreaksIs it Clock?is it clock?Stroll at duskstroll at duskBird’s Viewbird's viewCyberpearl from Streetcyberpearl from streetNight magic at Cyberpearlnight magic at cyberpearlNight at parknight at parkBranding at Stagnant Waterbranding at stagnant water

Street Photography With HWS Team at old city { Azhakhan Zehra, Purani Haveli and Darul Shifa }

For the last couple of weeks, I have been visiting the old city of Hyderabad as part of a group called HWS (Hyderabad weekend shots). These are Azhakhan Zehra, Purani Haveli and Darul Shifa. To say that I found the old Hyderabad to be full of street-stories would be an understatement. Every nook and corner of the street presented before me a life of its own, with lots of shades n characters. I have tried by best to capture some of it for you. Let me know how you find it…

Are we in a hurry??Are we in a hurry??

Mirror MazeMirror Maze

Street is Colorfulstreet is colorful

Leaving this Story UntoldLeaving this Story Untold

Ready for TakeoffReady for Takeoff