One-on –One Street Photography Workshop with Rakesh Nagavarapu

Rakesh is an Engineer and currently manages projects for an IT firm in Bangalore. An avid traveller, who enjoys visiting new places and people.
Photography used to complement his love for travel.Though completely new to street photography and lately few conversations with fellow photographers exposed him to story telling through photographs and the art of seeing. On a friends recommendation, he reached out to me on Facebook and since then no looking back…

Rakesh’s feedback regarding the workshop

After spending two days with Swarat in Hyderabad, I feel, photography is way beyond Aperture, Shutter speed, ISO etc., He exposed me to new world, where one can see beauty in mundane. Two days in Hyderabad is a great learning experience with Swarat. In fact, having roots from Hyderabad, I can see Hyderabad in a completely new spirit now.

Swarat is a fantastic mentor and highly recommend to anyone who are keen in learning story telling.






ALL THE ABOVE IMAGES © Rakesh Nagavarapu

And here are some images of Rakesh in action







3 thoughts on “One-on –One Street Photography Workshop with Rakesh Nagavarapu

  1. Absolutely delighted to see these frames..and to believe that this is just the beginning of a new journey..feeling so very proud of you Rakesh..good luck 🙂

  2. These frames are truly captivating & showcase your vision in a genre that requires a very special visual modality & sense of perception. May you go on to reach even greater heights & looking forward to more such stunning frames from you in the days to come. Stay blessed mon ami 🙂

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